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I want to explore your tunnels 😏 // @vsco T3 #KillTheUnderground



'Friday the 13th' Themed Engagement Photos

more pics here.

OMG! I will forever be so freaking jealous of these!! too late for engagement pics, but an Idea for an anniversary shoot??

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Your kingdom will fall and your army will betray you. When they come for you, they will come for us. I was there for the light, I shall be there for the dark. #NYC (at Hoboken Waterfront Park)
I’m excited to announce the creation of @whyiloveDC. The very talented @misterhattan has made the decision to let the “Why I love…” branch off in other cities and I’ll be running the DC account. It should be a fun time filled with DC love! Don’t forget to check out @whyiloveDC as well as @whyilovenewyorkcity #WhyILoveDC (at Flatiron District, NYC)
If I had to describe @missunderground, using only one word…. It would be superfragilisticexpialidocious #KillTheUnderground (at Glenmont Metro Station)
Honored that I had the chance to shoot with one of my favorites! If the opportunity arises to shoot with Jessica, take it… You’ll have a ball. #MakePortraitsNotWar (at Silver Line Metro-Reston Station)
It doesn’t get and grander than this. #WHPTheGreatIndoors  (at Grand Central Terminal)


When it comes to photography, nothing makes me feel more alive than shooting a sunrise.  Today, a few members of the instagram community gathered in Slacker Hill in San Francisco to enjoy the most beautiful time of the day.  These are some of my favorite moments.

#hellawindymeet || #communityfirst

Photography by:  J.N. Silva ||  Follow me on instagram:  @jnsilva

My life used to be one big rush. “I can’t wait for….” or “I wish xxxday would hurry and get here” were lines I frequently used. I was always speeding, always rushing  ///  Now, that I’m at the place I rushed to be, I wish that I had slowed down and cherished certain things. Things as simple as going to the movies with my mother  ///  I really wish I had taken my time… #VSCOcam (at Grand Central – 42nd Street)
Ladies and gentleman. Without further ado, @missunderground 

#MakePortraitsNotWar (at Wheaton Metro Station)